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The CO2 platform is an online tool that makes it easy to carry out a carbon assessment. A CO2 footprint is the quantification of CO2 emissions due to the activities of companies.

The CO2 footprint represents the sum of the emissions generated by energy consumption, mobility, waste production or water consumption in your organization. It is the basis for identifying the reduction potential, the risk that CO2 represents for your organization and for monitoring projects. The data for your carbon footprint comes mainly from your consumption, i.e. from your invoices.
The CO2 Platform offers a tool that allows you to perform a CO2 assessment by entering your own figures on an interface configured for your needs.
If you want to know more about the CO2 Platform, you can test it by creating a free test account. First, create a personal account and then choose the simplified balance option to test the tool.
If you want to know the CO2 emissions generated by your family, you can do it for free on the platform. In the same way, create a personal account and then choose the family balance option to test the tool.


Create a personal account to access the CO2 platform


Create a Business Account to get your own form


Test the tool with a simplified assessment


Do your families CO2 footprint

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